UGC-DAE CSR Indore Center

The Indore Centre is developed towards utilisation of the synchrotron radiation sources INDUS-1 and -2. INDUS-1 is a 450 MeV electron storage ring giving useful light in the energy range 10 to 800 eV - vacuum ultra violet to soft X-rays. INDUS-2 (under development) is a storage ring with electron energy continuously varying from 750 MeV to 2.5 GeV giving harder X-radiation. The storage ring INDUS-1 has been operating successfully for last some months and the work of installation of various beam lines in the experimental hall would soon begin. The following beam lines are expected to be available to users during 2000: reflectivity and metrology (CAT), ESCA (IUC-DAEF), photo physics (BARC); other beam lines for angle resolved XPS, soft X-ray spectroscopy, high resolution VUV are also in advanced stages of completion. All these beam lines would be made available to workers according to procedures to be worked out by CAT. IUC-DAEF will help university researchers for access to these sophisticated facilities.

The In-house facilities developed at Indore Centre involve experimental condensed matter studies at temperatures down to 1.5 K, X-ray and electron spectroscopic studies and materials preparation and characterization. Some of these facilities have been indigenously designed and developed and some are acquired. The scientific and technical know-how would be made available to other academic institutions interested in developing similar facilities.

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